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What if a building could talk? Thanks to the IoT, this is now possible

The profitability of the real estate investment varies according to the operating costs and the optimisation of surface areas, consumables (electricity, water, gas, paper) as well as services (catering, concierge services) within the building.

More comfort, visibility on the management of interactions in a building

The aim of an intelligent house or building is to provide greater comfort in the living or working environment by using a range of data to support decision-making. Thus, the use of these data allows, among other things :

To save time:
the automation of many commands saves time and allows certain actions to be controlled remotely

To reduce costs:
IoT connected buildings can significantly reduce energy bills through the appropriate use of heating or cooling equipment

Better security:
as in single-family homes, connected buildings can also improve the security systems of the whole building

More comfort:
the overall functioning of the building provides more comfort and the appropriate adjustment of the air conditioning, ventilation

Better visibility on the stability of the infrastructure:
monitoring of all building systems,
securing valuable assets, etc.

Our solutions

Our solutions offer security, peace of mind and value chain efficiency with the provision of near real time of the following parameters :

Smoke and/or fire detection and notification
Temperature readings
Faster reaction time
Battery level detection
Reduction of maintenance costs
Panic / Service button
Securing construction sites
Increased operational efficiency

Make your buildings intelligent by connecting them to their environment and give yourself the ability to collect essential data of various kinds through the SACONECT IOT network. With the possibility of scripting uses based on artificial intelligence (machine learning) or predefined rules, equipment, environment and users can be monitored and managed in a much more efficient way.

In concrete terms, smart building solutions allow :

A substantial improvement in quality of life, comfort, safety and hygiene conditions
Reduction of energy consumption
Controlling costs and operating cycles
Increase profitability by optimizing space, consumables and services within a building or group of buildings
Automatic detection and notification of water leaks
Continuous monitoring of your pets to ensure their safety and well-being
Monitoring of cardiac defibrillators to ensure that they are always in good working conditions
Pressing a button to place an order, replenish stocks, request a service

Example 1 : Smart building

In a smart building, as mentioned above, all environmental parameters, usage data and equipment performance can be measured. All these data are aggregated and integrated with the aim of proposing corrective actions or decision support.

Thus, through an application, any resident or worker in the building can benefit from the following functionalities :

Be offered and indicated a free space as soon as they arrive at the car park, no need to go round looking for one
In case employees are doing flex office, free spaces can be known before arriving at the office and possibly reserved if a specific space is needed
Monitoring of the meeting rooms : the presence sensor in the rooms can detect which rooms are available for reservation
The room itself will be able to regulate the light and temperature of the equipment in order to reach a pre-selected comfort level
The building will also be able to count the number of people present in its premises: useful information in case of evacuation or for the company restaurant or to know the average attendance of a place (shopping center for example)
Those who prefer to leave their belongings in the office before going home can secure them in a locker, as they are all connected, the application will indicate which one is available and allow it to be locked and unlocked
In the company restaurant, the number of meals served is used to predict the number of people, depending on other factors (attendance, weather conditions, etc.)

Other services specific to environmental management or building equipment are also managed, for example :

Connected waste collection bins that automatically alert the services in charge when they are full
If the lift breaks down (an alert is triggered by the maintenance system monitoring the equipment)
If a water leak is detected in the toilets, they will be made safe and a repair order automatically created.

Example 2 : Improving the security of a warehouse

SACONECT, through the Sigfox network, enables business owners to secure their facilities at low cost and addresses the main weakness of alarm systems - downtime due to jamming. Most security alarms are connected via GSM. However, with GSM jammers now widely available on the market, almost anyone can break in. Built on radio technology, Sigfox is jamming resistant and gives you peace of mind that your alarm system will not fail if an intruder tries to jam the signal.

Power is another soft spot for alarm systems. Sigfox technology is designed for low-power consumption, which means that connected presence detectors can operate in a power-free environment for months or even years without replacing batteries.


SACONECT is strongly committed to deliver a reliable and high-quality network to meet the needs of its users and partners for IoT solutions.

In one year of intensive ramp-up, SACONECT has achieved the vast majority of population coverage in Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and Ghana.

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