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Talk to your home and ensure a better quality of life, save money and time

Security and control of family expenses are two of the crucial elements allowing a substantial improvement of home comfort. The smart home is no longer just an unattainable dream or an idea that will come true, talk to your home now thanks to the possibilities offered by Security and control of family expenses are two of the crucial elements allowing a substantial improvement of home comfort. The smart home is no longer just an unattainable dream or an idea that will come true, talk to your home now with the possibilities offered by SACONECT, through the Sigfox network. Smart home solutions provide better security for your home, save valuable time and give you full control over the use and costs of energy and other vital resources. A smart home will monitor and control all its attributes such as: lighting, heating, cooling, and ventilation. It can also include applications such as: door openings, security systems (alarms and presence detectors), water pipes and electrical outlets. SACONECT, through the Sigfox network, will also allow, if necessary, several domestic appliances to communicate with each other, for example turning on a sprinkler when the tank is less than 10% full.

Our solutions

The ability of the IoT to provide sensor information and enable communication between devices is driving a wide range of applications. Here are some of the most popular applications and their functions.

More efficient and intelligent energy saving techniques

Artificial intelligence, through the integration between information and communication technologies (ICT) and renewable energy systems such as solar or wind power, households can autonomously decide to store or spend energy for a given device. This has a direct impact on the environment and electricity bills for consumers using the system.

To do this, artificial intelligence uses data from sensors positioned at strategic consumption points, measuring consumer activity to anticipate consumer needs and propose a balance between energy production and consumption.

Lighting control and energy management system

Communication between various inputs and outputs of the power supply or energy production system is established by the information collected by the sensors and analysed by one or more central computing devices, which allows the control of the devices.

For example, taking advantage of the high efficiency of solar panels in the middle of the day to run washing machines.

Connected alarms: reliable security availability

Most home security alarms are connected via GSM, nowadays, with GSM jammers, everything is much easier for criminals. Sigfox provides backup connectivity to ensure that alarms are transmitted to security companies if the GSM is jammed.

Leak detection: real-time remote water leak notification

Thermal flow solutions detect water leaks anywhere in the home plumbing system. In the event of a leak, an alert is immediately sent to the homeowner's phone or email. 

This service can be combined with a repair service to provide peace of mind. Homeowners can now monitor their home while they are away without anxiety or stress.

Pool water quality monitoring: now everyone can afford a pool attendant

You have an email, connected water analyzers monitor corrosion, calcium scaling, chlorine overdose, pH level, temperature and other critical information in real time. 

The information is sent to the owner's smartphone to enable efficient pool management and reduce supply costs. Pool water quality monitoring: now everyone can afford a pool attendant.

Outdoor sports: performance monitoring and improved safety

IoT-enabled tracking is exploding for outdoor sports. Athletes such as runners, hikers, skiers, climbers, hikers and paraglider pilots can track their routes without having to carry a smartphone. In case of emergency, an SOS message can also be sent via the tracker.

Scorecard reader: Monitoring attendance at care providers for the elderly

More and more elderly people are staying at home longer. IoT-connected time card readers monitor care providers and automate billing based on actual time spent at home. The readers are also equipped with a temperature sensor and can alert neighbours or families in the event of a heat wave or cold snap. 

Elderly people can also call for help themselves, thanks to a constantly activated emergency button.

More effective family safety and security

Long before energy savings, the vast majority of requests for smart connected devices are for personal and family security. There is a wide variety of intelligent security monitoring systems and configurations based entirely on the SIGFOX network. Any household can monitor their home at all times, both when they are present and when they are away, and share any problems with anyone.

Presence detection system

It is possible to detect the occupancy of the house using intelligent sensors and environmental sensors such as CO2 sensors. These can be integrated into the building automation system to trigger automatic responses for energy efficiency and building comfort applications.

Connected smoke detectors: Reliable management of operating time and fire alarms

Smoke detectors must always remain operational and functional in the event of a fire. Functional information is transmitted via the SIGFOX network, as are alerts, which are transmitted in real time. Alerts can be sent to homeowners in the form of phone calls, text messages or emails to signal a smoke detector malfunction or smoke detection. With a reliable smoke detector and a solution for better reaction in case of fire, fire-related insurance claims can be reduced.

Connected mailboxes

IoT-connected mailboxes send notifications of package arrivals to residents and homeowners, making mailboxes more secure and reducing unnecessary trips to the mailbox.

Avoid rodent infestations

Mouse and rat infestations are becoming increasingly common. Rodents transmit dozens of diseases and are also the main cause of electrical fires. Because rodents are partially blind, they move by touching and smelling their surroundings, so traps alone are ineffective as foraging rodents learn to avoid them. 

With IoT infrared rodent activity monitoring sensors, homeowners can identify key rodent activity points in the home and trap up to 6 times more rodents.

Connected collar: no more lost pets

Millions of people mourn the loss of their cats and dogs every year. IoT-connected collars send real-time notifications when your pet leaves the house, so you can take action before they get too far away. Connected pet collars also monitor the pet's movements around the house and track daily activity and rest periods.

Connected luggage: no more wasted holidays or business trips

What a nightmare when you lose your luggage! Put an IoT-connected tracker in your bag and you can track the location of your luggage, both on a domestic and international trip.

Fall detector: immediate alerts

Falls are a major cause of death and injury among the elderly and disabled. Running for several months on a single charge, an IoT-connected watch can automatically trigger an alert if the wearer falls or presses the built-in panic button. The built-in GPS chip also allows caregivers and family members to find their loved ones with dementia if they wander away from home.


SACONECT is strongly committed to deliver a reliable and high-quality network to meet the needs of its users and partners for IoT solutions.

In one year of intensive ramp-up, SACONECT has achieved the vast majority of population coverage in Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and Ghana.

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