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IoT solutions to create and control your connected objects

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Our solutions

The ability of the IoT to provide sensor information and enable communication between devices is driving a wide range of applications. Here are some of the most popular applications and their functions.

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SIGFOX is a proprietary technology, based on LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network), created by the French company of the same name founded in 2009. It specialises in M2M via low-speed networks. Its UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) radio technology enables it to build a low-speed, low-power, long-range cellular network.

SIGFOX is currently present in 72 countries and has more than 17.2 million connected objects and more than 63 million messages processed per day. LPWANs enable communication between connected objects over several tens of kilometres, for a low volume of information and very low energy consumption. Their objective is to generalize the connection of objects in the fields of industry, smart city, utilities, smart agriculture, home automation, predictive maintenance, geolocation, health, cold chain monitoring, etc. Through our technical and commercial partnership with Sigfox, we benefit from the experience of other "Sigfox Operators" around the world.

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