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Smart Agriculture

IoT at the heart of Agriculture 4.0

Today, agribusiness is data-driven, accurate and smarter than ever.

IoT has significantly modernised agriculture and livestock through innovative data collection, analysis and visualisation techniques. It allows farmers and ranchers to stay connected to their fields and livestock like never before. It is now possible for any farmer to quickly benefit from reliable data in quantity and quality in predefined time intervals or by events. With the advent of SIGFOX technology, sensors have become much more energy efficient and the signal strength makes it possible to reach remote or isolated areas. As a result, the limited number of messages to be sent means that sensor batteries can last for several years without needing to be replaced, making maintenance much easier.

Access real-time remote information on rainfall, temperature, wind conditions (strength and direction), air pressure and humidity for your specific location. Optimise field operations, water consumption, water use and crop quality. Move to precision farming.

Our solutions

The ability of the IoT to provide sensor information and enable communication between devices is driving a wide range of applications. Here are some of the most popular applications and their functions.

Monitoring of soil conditions
Precise monitoring of climatic conditions
Room temperature monitoring
Monitoring of tank levels
Virtual enclosure, monitoring and management of the troupreau
Securing gates and preventing livestock theft
Monitoring of food temperature throughout the cold chain
Save time and resources

Example: Breeding and smart collars

In a livestock operation (cattle - goat - pig) it is crucial to have a complete view of the herd, at any time and in any place. Smart collars for cattle allow farmers to virtually fence and track animals via GPS, as well as collect crucial information to better manage the health and safety of their herds.

These collars allow farmers to collect the location, speed, body temperature and stress levels of their livestock in near real time. Via the Sigfox network (by SACONECT), this data can be used to optimise production costs as well as the health and safety of the herd.


SACONECT is strongly committed to deliver a reliable and high-quality network to meet the needs of its users and partners for IoT solutions.

In one year of intensive ramp-up, SACONECT has achieved the vast majority of population coverage in Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and Ghana.

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