The role of the sensor manufacturer

IoT sensors play an essential role. They can see, hear and feel, they record measured values and convert them into signals that can be used to monitor and control complex and non-complex processes in different environments. The use of these devices generates real benefits and can lead to significant productivity gains, cost savings or increased peace and quiet.

They are part of our IoT Ecosystem

Simple Hardware offre des capteurs simples, abordables et fiables


Fabricant de capteurs bas coûts pour la maison et le bureau

capteurs de mesures 

Why become a sensor manufacturer?

The IOT is expanding worldwide, and beyond Sigfox's near global network, the sine qua non for the viability of an IOT solution is the existence and reliability of dedicated sensors. Becoming a sensor manufacturer, a growth driver for any company, can start with a motivation linked to the identification of a convincing potential in our countries. A real potential in various fields has been identified by our market study, the key elements of which can be shared with our partners.

Join our IoT Ecosystem

SACONECT invites all companies looking for growth opportunities to partner in their respective fields to join our emerging and innovative ecosystem with Sigfox Low Power Wide Area IoT technology. Get on the IOT train and don't get left behind. SACONECT and Sigfox offer low cost, plug-and-play IoT solutions that drastically reduce deployment costs. Join us as a partner and benefit from the experience of 72 Sigfox Operators worldwide.

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