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More efficient operation and consumption

Digital transformation is now an absolute necessity for both technology and non-technology companies. It allows for more efficient operation and consumption for both professionals and users in all sectors. Sigfox, thanks to its LPWAN technology and the constant decrease in sensor production costs, offers the network infrastructure to host increasingly advanced and accessible energy management solutions. There is a wide range of options to optimize both the distribution and consumption of energy. Any type of energy consumer or supplier can now optimize their budget and eliminate inefficiencies. 

The solutions offered guarantee :

Real-time remote metering and monitoring

Streamlined management of equipment/appliances

Breakdown management: anticipation and corrective maintenance

Decision-making support with data analysis

Definition of usage profiles (hours - zones - quantities...)

In concrete terms, smart meters help consumers :

Stay fully informed about their daily energy consumption

Eliminating unnecessary routines

Getting rid of inefficient appliances

Our solutions

For energy supply companies, utilities or solar kit providers, real-time visibility of energy consumption means accurate billing data and the ability to balance demand against supply through tailored pricing policies or other business strategies.

With the help of an appropriate management tool, the analysis of the data collected from users will define :

The different energy profiles of consumers: general public - companies - industries...
Feeding a user application for real-time consumption monitoring and accounting of billing data
Fault detection and loss analysis in the transport network

Example1 : Lyon Smart Grid (France)

As the first French urban area to be fully equipped with smart electricity meters (2018), the city of Lyon has already begun a process of industrialisation in relation to Smart Energy. Taking as models its Positive Energy urban block and its smart eco-district; equipped with hundreds of sensors, the buildings process the data collected in order to adjust, optimise and distribute production. 

The exploitation and analysis of consumption and production data from network users makes it possible to create other services by cross-referencing them with complementary data. Services based purely on the direct use of data for the domestic and professional end consumer :  

Remote reading of energy meters to centralise consumption information in real time
Optimisation of the energy consumption of private individuals or industrial processes through the installation of sensors and actuators
Use of consumption data and energy bills to draw up balances and reduce bills
Centralisation of energy consumption and billing information for large buildings
for tarif optimisation and energy efficiency actions

Example 2: Monitoring of solar energy production kits in Réunion

Reunion Island is aiming for 100% renewable electricity production by 2023. To meet the electricity needs of its 860,000 inhabitants, the island has already begun to replace fuel oil and coal in its power stations with biomass, and to develop hydraulic, wind and solar power. Renewable energies, which are described as intermittent or unstable, generate various energy management problems.

Sigfox technology, combined with artificial intelligence, makes it possible to manage fluctuations in the production of renewable energy and to improve distribution, based on the collection of data from users. Top Bis Réunion provides remote supervision and monitoring of approximately 450 thermal and photovoltaic power plants. Top Bis Réunion offers a complete environment for the regulation and remote management of solar thermal power plants for the production of domestic hot water.

An environment is composed of both hardware solutions and services.

Equipment: pump protection and regulation equipment; autonomous PLC powered by a photovoltaic cell and communicating on the SIGFOX network; probes and accessories;
Services: optimised regulation, remote management platform and automatic alarms


SACONECT is strongly committed to deliver a reliable and high-quality network to meet the needs of its users and partners for IoT solutions.

In one year of intensive ramp-up, SACONECT has achieved the vast majority of population coverage in Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and Ghana.

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